About Heather

First & foremost, before you know anything else about me, you must know about my true love. Jesus is the reason I live & move & have my being (Acts 17:28), and He must receive all the glory for every word written on this site. He has given me a passion for youth ministry, specifically for the high school and college-aged generation, & I love getting to disciple girls to grow closer to Christ. 

I also have a love for African coffee, traveling to new places, & crafting.  I have an unhealthy, always-growing collection of coffee mugs & plants. My favorite time of day is the morning because that's when sunrises & quiet time with Jesus occur. And lastly, I'm a 1 on the enneagram—meaning I’m a perfectionist— and an ENFJ on Myers-Briggs, which means I like to dream big and radiate joy.