Young Living Essential Oils

My journey with Young Living Essential Oils started winter of my Junior year of college. I had been having headaches and upper back pain for months, and I knew continuing to take pain reliever day-after-day was not at all good for my body. I had also been struggling with mild anxiety, but I did not want to become dependent on a medicine to ease my mind if anything else could help instead. I’ve always had a love for all things natural, but the price has often been a big turn-off, especially since I am still in college. However, after using some of my mom’s Young Living oils and already seeing benefits in my physical and mental health, I decided I couldn’t afford to miss out on a lifestyle of holistic, natural healing and health. I finally invested in a Young Living starter kit, and I am so excited to help guide others towards natural health using oils and other products by the company that are safe, pure, and honestly, life-changing. Keep reading if you are interested in learning more about how Young Living works, and how you start your oil journey today!


Young Living has a seed to seal promise.

This seed to seal promise is a quality control standard that ensures the oils are carefully watched over from the time the plants are seeds to when you receive them in the mail. This ensures the highest quality of oils on the market, so they are safe for you and your family when using them as suggested. Part of the reason Young Living is set apart from many other oil companies is that they do not add cheap fillers or chemicals to their oils. They also put all their oils through a lot of quality testing in the lab to make sure each bottle is of the highest quality.

The company empowers people around the world like you and me.

Young Living operates on a Multi-Level Marketing system, meaning, each time people join Young Living under me, I get a small financial benefit. Through this system, thousands of people have established financial freedom by making full-time careers empowering others to have a healthy lifestyle. You might be thinking, “Why do I need to join? Can’t I just buy some oils?” The short answer is, you don’t need to join, but when you enroll as a member, you automatically get a 24% discount off every single product, and you have the opportunity to earn free rewards and compensation if you want to. But if you just want to join Young Living to receive the product discount, you can do that too, by opting out of essential rewards.



The starter kit comes with everything you need to start your journey towards natural wellness.

If you are interested in making the switch to all-natural oils and products, click here to join Young Living today using my join code. When you click the link, it will automatically put the code in for you. Then, once you fill out everything and place your order for your starter kit, you will be enrolled under me, so I can teach you and coach you on how to use your oils. If you have any questions at all about oils or what joining looks like, please contact me right here!