The Not-So-Super Side of the Superbowl

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I can barely put into words what I want to write today. My heart is breaking for the people who are being sex trafficked. If you've been keeping up with my blog for a while, you know that I have a dream and passion to help end sex-trafficking, and it breaks my heart when I hear about more and more cases of it. This morning, I learned that the Superbowl is the single largest sex-trafficking incident in the United States. AND, there is sex trafficking occurring in every zip code in the country. We always hear about huge cases of it in foreign countries, but it's right here in our backyard too. Women and children are getting kidnapped or lured in by deceiving men and eventually forced into prostitution, lost with nowhere to go and no way out. They get taken from their hometown and thrown into clubs and bars in places they've never been. This weekend, it's estimated that there will be a few thousand extra sex trafficking victims brought into the San Francisco area to appeal to the predominantly male Superbowl crowd. There are police all over the area trying to catch the traffickers, but because it's such an undercover industry, it's not easy to find and rescue the victims. Shocking fact: the youngest victim they've found in the US was 12 years old. According to Clemmie Greenlee, a former sex-trafficking victim, the enslaved women are expected to sleep with 25-50 men on the day of the Super Bowl. Let that sink in.

There are also an estimated 10,000 refugee children missing in European countries. These are children who were unaccompanied as they crossed into "safe" territory after fleeing their war-zone homes. Unfortunately, it's not such a safe place to be after all. At least 10,000 of these children have disappeared, and most of them are predicted to have been taken into the sex-trafficking industry or forced into labor. This crisis breaks my heart because it's not just a trend or small problem. It's a growing worldwide epidemic that is only going to get worse unless we actively stand up and fight it. Later this month, I'm going to blog about End It, which has a national day of awareness to fight the cause, so there's more on this topic to come. But I just encourage y'all to be praying hard today for the victims, especially in the San Francisco area that God would intercede and rescue his beloved children. He has a much bigger and better plan for them.

Will you pray with me?

Father, please come and have your way. Come and intercede in this sex-trafficking epidemic. We believe that you are sovereign and that you have your hand on all of this and on each and every victim. We pray for their protection and ultimately their rescue. Please help give law enforcement guidance as to where to find the traffickers and how to rescue victims. Help us to take a stand and fight against this worldwide problem. In Jesus' name we pray, Amen.