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Finally, we get to the last blog in the series about plants. To start from the beginning, you can read Seeds, Roots, and Sprout. Also, in the picture above, I seriously did not mean to match the flowers.

Flowers in full bloom seem to make everyone happy. (Everyone who isn't insanely allergic, that is.) I've never seen someone looking at flowers who is depressed by their beauty. When people get a whiff of a blooming flower, they smile because of the sweetness of the aroma. In the same way, we leave a sweet aroma in the lives of others when we are living life in full bloom.

2 Corinthians 2:15 says, "For we are to God the pleasing aroma of Christ among those who are being saved and those who are perishing."

Once a flower sprouts and continues to grow, it eventually reaches a season of blooming. This is the visible season of beauty in which people really seem to pay attention. It definitely captures people's attention more when a flower is loaded with colorful blooming flowers, rather than just green leaves.

This season of blooming in the spiritual life looks like a lot of things...

It looks like saying yes to the opportunities God places in front of you. This could look like God placing a decision in your life where one path seems easy and predictable and one seems like a crazy option where the future is completely uncertain but you feel drawn to it, and you saying yes to it.

It also looks like showing the love of Christ to those around you AT ALL TIMES. It doesn't matter if it's a person you didn't like in high school who is now your cashier at the grocery store or whether you are passing a homeless woman on the streets or whether you're frustrated with your own husband. You are called to LOVE them equally. Not in the same way, but showing all three unconditional love in any way you can. When we accept Christ as our Lord and Savior, we are also accepting his number one command to love God and love others.

It looks like being on fire for God in church and in the community. When we are passionate about something, people notice. Our passions are what we talk about, think about, ask about, and what we spend our time doing. It's easy for the people around us to see what drives us, and in a season of blooming, it's easy for others to see that the answer is Jesus.

It looks like maximizing the gifts and skills the Lord has placed in your life. Just like I mentioned in the seed blog post, that requires us to bloom where we are planted, utilizing the people and resources around us to grow stronger in our faith and in return blessing them down the road. It's not being scared of using the unique blend of talents the Lord has given specifically to you.

Blooming also requires pruning sometimes. To get the maximum bloom on a flowering plant, dead branches have to be cut off. This process is painful, but it allows for even more growth and potential. Sometimes it looks like going through great measures of ridding sin from your life or distancing yourself from certain people or things. But in the end, the dead and gone branches allow room for an even more full life of loving people like Jesus does.

So, as the plant series comes to an end, my question for you is: what season of planting are you currently in? A season of a seed that hasn't truly taken hold of the Christian faith yet or is just dormant in the soil? A season of roots where you're working hard on inwardly deepening your relationship with God? A season of sprouting where you're just starting to live out your faith in public? Or a season of blooming where you are boldly living for God in every circumstance so that others may see His beauty?