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Your Brokenness is Welcome Here

Let's face it. You are broken. So am I. There's no denying that fact because we live in a broken, sinful world. No matter how much of a perfectionist you are like I often am, you still have to admit that you have flaws and so does the world around us. No matter how many things you wish to go right, some are always going to go wrong. No matter how bad you want to please God in everything you do, you still miss the mark and do not honor him in all of your words, actions, and thoughts. 

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Heather's Story: Life in Constant Surrender

I thought it would only be fitting for the first story in this category on the blog to be my own so you lovely readers could get to know me a bit before getting to know some new friends! But, before I get into my story, I want to explain my heart for the idea "Savior Stories." Savior Stories are going to be stories of girls not too different from you who have given their lives to Christ. But, the goal will not just be to explain how that happened for each of them, but also highlight what God has taught them or done through them since then. Each girl's story will mainly focus on a specific topic, while including some general Q&A, as well. Without further ado, here's my story:

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Every time a new year rolls around, I pick a word for the year. Some years I think about it a lot more throughout the year than others. Two years ago (2015), it was PURSUE, and I pursued God so much more than I ever had in my life that year. It really was the theme of my year. This year (2016), my word was LISTEN. Honestly, I kinda forgot that I even chose a word because I didn’t dwell on it much. Even though I wasn’t thinking about it, God was still teaching me about it, especially on my Guatemala trip. I learned how to actually listen to God and have been refining my listening ear toward Him ever since. Then in November, the theme of listening reappeared again when I realized that I’m not the best at listening to other people… mostly because I like to talk. But that’s still a work in progress.

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