Therefore encourage one another and build one another up, just as you are doing. - 1 Thessalonians 5:11

Letters of Love is all about loving the people in our communities. It's a movement of leaving letters in local places for strangers to find, started to encourage strangers with the love of the gospel. If you clicked on this page because you found a letter somewhere, please check in using the form below so we can see where the letters have spread. And whether you just found a letter or you just stumbled upon this page on the blog, we'd love for you to write a letter to keep the movement going. 

These letters are a way to share Jesus with people we've never even met. They are a way to brighten someone's bad day and show them the hope of the gospel. 

It's pretty simple. First, get out a card and envelope, a piece of notebook paper, a page out of your diary, or even your extra napkin from lunch. 

Then you can start it by just jumping right in. I normally don't start mine with a "Dear..." because we don't know who is going to find them. 

You can wish them a good day. You can declare promises of scripture over them. I normally write about how much God loves them, and make sure to include Jesus' name in the letter because He is love, and without telling people about him, we aren't truly loving them. I also always leave an encouraging Bible verse that goes with the words I've written that they can look up online. You can also tell them that you are praying for them (as long as you want to commit to doing so).  

Lastly, at the bottom of the letter, you can write in the website address so they too can come share the story of where they found it and how it encouraged them. They can also read the story of the gospel on the site, so that's an added bonus!

Have fun writing letters and encouraging people in your community and around the world! 

If you found a letter, fill this Form out 

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Stories of Found Letters

I was having a very bad day today. As a retail manager, we tend to take a lot of abuse from customers. This morning 2 of my employees quit and walked out. I was feeling very discouraged as I walked back to my desk. Imagine my surprise when I found a beautiful letter sitting there. I opened it and was reminded that God loves me and wishing me a wonderful day. Also included was Proverbs 3:5-6. This changed the direction of my day and reminded me of some important truths that we too often forget. Thank you Hailey, You made my day!
— Paul from Winchester, Virginia
I was mad and very irritated with my husband, and I walked past the fruit stand at Sam’s Club, and I saw the envelope and grabbed it. It just simply helped me out.
— Mari from Concord, North Carolina